How can I (admin) provide users with different access options?

  1. Roles: In the Administration section -> User Management one or more roles can be assigned to users. Roles define what permissions a specific user is granted to perform specific tasks in OneInsight. For more information, visit "Manage roles and permissions".
  2. User Assignment: When selecting the "Automatic User Assignment" mode in the Administration section -> Assignment Management, it is possible to decide whether OneInsight users can only see people who are assigned to them. In this case, other people‚Äôs data or activities are not accessible. Visit "Assignment Management" for more infomration.
  3. Filter: Enterprise customers (only!)  have access to filters.  Filters allow admins to specify the people, i.e. leads, that a user can see. The visibility can be set for any Marketo field, so that some users, for example, are only able to see people from specific countries. Visibility rules can also be used to only show specific OneInsight campaigns to users. Find out more by reading "Understanding filters".

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