Manage global browser extension settings

OneInsight's Firefox or Chrome extension will search for people by their email address on all web pages that are set up. In addition, OneInsight also provides some default configurations for commonly used services such as Google Mail.

Organizational settings for the browser extension are automatically shared with all OneInsight users in your organization. You can define these settings in the admin interface in the "Configuration" section.

If a web page or web service is set up, the extension will first search for all elements on these pages that match the query selector. For every found element, the extension will then look for email addresses and show the relevant people in OneInsight.

Use the wildcard selector (*) to match all elements on the page, separate multiple selectors with commas or refer to this selector overview  for additional information. OneInsight also supports regular expressions in the domain field.

If you want to send your co-workers an invitation on how to install and set up the browser extension you can go the administration section -> "User Management" and click on the globe icon. This will send out an email to the user showing them how to install and use the browser extension.

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