Create and manage users in OneInsight

New users can be invited to OneInsight via the admin interface -> "User Management". Click the button "Add User" in the top right corner and fill in the user information, including their email address. Click "Save User". When the confirmation “user saved” appears on your screen, they will receive a welcome email that links them to pages where they can set their new password and sign in to OneInsight. 

Please note that Single Sign-On users do not need to be invited because they will be automatically created the first time they log in. In order to automatically assign specific permissions for all new Single Sign-On or regular users, you can assign one or multiple roles to the “Default" group. The default group is automatically assigned to every person.

For additional security, Multi-Factor Authentication can be enforced on a per-user basis. This requires a user on an unknown device to enter an additional code that is sent via a text message.

For any user account that has already been set up, the following action icons are displayed: 

1.  Edit User: Details such as job title, phone number or a profile picture can still be added to the user account later.
2.  Delete User.
3.  Sending Instructions: By clicking the icon, an instruction email on how to set up the Chrome Extension is being send out to the new user.

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