Engaging the Lead

The Lead Activity Dashboard provides you with the possibility to directly engage with the lead.

The "Engage" button displayed above the chart opens up a sidebar listing all the campaigns that have been set up within OneInsight, including the date when it was last run on the lead. Otherwise, "not applicable" indicates that the lead has not yet been a part of the campaign. Campaigns are managed in the administration section -> "Campaigns"

Select the campaign that you consider relevant for the lead that you are currently visiting. More detailed information will be displayed. In our example, we are engaging with a lead through an Opportunity Follow-Up. 

Here, a campaign email template has been provided that we can further personalize if we wish to do so. Your sender information can be adjusted automatically through tokens that have been set up in Marketo. However, this needs to be specified within the OneInsight administration section -> "Campaigns"

You can now run the campaign for this individual person or add more people that you would like to engage with. Running a campaign in OneInsight always triggers a smart campaign workflow in Marketo, giving you all of the possibilities that Marketo offers. 

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