Managing Account Type, Rating and Assignment

This section provides an overview of all the accounts within the system. The view on the accounts can be filtered by type, rating, and assignment. The detailed selection options need to be set up individually in the administration section -> "Account Management".

  • Type: In our case, we chose to categorize account types into prospects, customers, and partners.
  • Rating: The account's potential is being evaluated and included in the account information in form of a rating. In our example, the chosen range includes letters A to C. 
  • Assigned to: Each account can be assigned to one or multiple users. 

By clicking on any individual account, you can edit all the company information that has been saved within OneInsight. This account information might include:

  • Primary & Additional Domains
  • Annual Revenue
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Number Of Employees
  • Account Type (e.g. Customer, Partner, Prospect…)
  • Rating (e.g. A, B, C)

With this information at hand, OneInsight users will always have an overview of the business they are dealing with. 

You can not only filter accounts to your needs, but you can zoom in to view accounts on a company level and even person level, leading you to an individual’s Lead Activity Dashboard.

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