Use OneInsight across a variety of different applications

Finding relevant people on webpages

The Browser extension enables you to find those people of a business that have already shown interest in your company, product, or service. 

Simply visit the company website belonging to the business of interest and click on the OneInsight icon next to the address bar. OneInsight will open up a new window that automatically docks onto your current window.

If the page that you are currently visiting is set up in the extension settings by you or your organization, the extension will automatically search for relevant people on the current page and show the results. Specifically, employees that are known to the system will be listed by their relative score and urgency

Underneath the person dashboard, you can find a navigation bar similar to the one you are used to when using the OneInsight instance via a Link.

Since the extension automatically remembers the state of each tab’s sidebar window, you can search for people in OneInsight in multiple tabs and don’t lose the state where you last left off.

Search for individual people based on their email address

You can also search for specific people of a business using their email address. If you spot an email address on any webpage and you want to find additional information about this person in OneInsight, simply right click this email address to automatically perform a search. A new window will dock onto your current window and show you all the relevant information collected by OneInsight. 

Similarly, you can use an email you received to look up the sender. In this case, you can right-click anywhere in the email and select “Search person in OneInsight”. 

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