Named Accounts via Browser extension

Once you have a list of a company’s employees sorted by their relative score and urgency, you can take a look into more detailed account information, giving you a better overview of the business you are dealing with. 

By clicking on the icon in the top left corner next to the company’s name, you will be provided with all the company information that has been saved within OneInsight. This account information might include:

  • Primary & Additional Domains
  • Annual Revenue
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Number Of Employees
  • Account Type (e.g. Customer, Partner, Prospect…)
  • Rating (e.g. A, B C)

Right above the Browser Extension navigation bar, there are two additional icons that let you take action on the company account. 

1.  Editing account information: You can change and complement the account information that has been listed above.

2.  User Assignment: You can assign new users to the account, as well as your own user account.

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