Lead Activity Dashboard via Browser extension

The Browser extension includes a Lead Activity Dashboard similar to the one you find using OneInsight via a link. Therefore, if you click on a person’s details, you are provided with more detailed information about past interactions and lead behavior over the last 30 days. Use the arrow on the left to see past actions just like using a calendar.

1. Person Icon: Acting on the lead 

The person icon in the upper left corner gives you the possibility to act on the lead.

1.  See Person Details: This view provides you with more information about the person. At the same time, you can edit the information if your user account was granted permission to do so.

2.  Qualify: You can directly engage in lifecycle actions. The action options depend on the status of the person and have been set up in the administration section -> "Lifecycle Management"

3.  Queue: You can directly change the value of the person with respect to queue management. Oftentimes, the telemarketing status is used as the factor of interest. The specific values to choose from have been set up in the administration section -> "Queue Management"

4.  Program Membership: The programs that the person was a member of in the last three months are listed. The program sync from Marketo is being set up in the administration section -> "Program Management".

5.  Assign User: A list of users that are assigned to this person is being displayed. If your user account has been granted permission, you can assign a new user to this account. Whether you can make use of this functionality is determined by settings in the admin interface -> "Assignment Management".

2. Activities: Dive into past user behavior

The button "Activities", lets you choose between different views of the lead activity dashboard.

The views and functionalities are the same as what has been documented about the OneInsight usage via a link in the section "Lead Activity Dashboard"

3. Engaging the lead

On the right-hand side, you find the "Engage" button which provides you with the possibility to directly engage with the lead. This functionality you find explained in the section "Engaging the Lead".

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