Adjust the query selector for domains

OneInsight's Firefox or Chrome extension will search for people by their email address on all web pages that are set up. In addition, OneInsight also provides some default configurations for commonly used services such as Google Mail, Salesforce, and Marketo, among others. 

Organizational settings for the browser extension are automatically shared with all OneInsight users in your organization. You can define these settings in the admin interface in the Configuration section.

In addition to seeing all current organizational settings, you can also add personal settings. Please note that organizational settings cannot be changed in the extension but will automatically be kept up to date.

Personal settings extend the organizational settings and allow you to adjust the query selector for domains individually. General knowledge about CSS selectors is needed to create and edit existing settings. The query selector is used to search for emails in all matched elements when clicking on the OneInsight icon in your browser. 

Use the wildcard selector (*) to search the whole page, separate multiple selectors with commas or refer to this selector overview. We also support regular expressions in the domain field.

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