What is the OneInsight Data Model?

OneInsight is tightly integrated and built explicitly for Marketo. Therefore OneInsight is widely following the data structure of Marketo to the effect that all Marketo fields are connected to the person object are accessible from OneInsight.

The objects in more detail

  • Person:
    • OneInsight can access and update all person fields that exist in Marketo, including custom fields.
    • OneInsight supports custom dedupe filters specified in Marketo. The default dedupe filter is the email address.
    • Custom filter criteria can be set up in OneInsight additionally to restrict the visibility of specific people via roles and permissions.
  • Activity:
    • An Activity can just be related to one Person in OneInsight.
    • A Person in OneInsight can have multiple Activities.
  • Program and Program Membership:
    • A person can be part of multiple Marketo programs connected through the program membership object.
    • A person can have a different program status for every program.


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