Introducing OneInsight

The challenge in today's Marketing and Sales environment is to support a personal and meaningful customer experience from start to finish. This not only requires a deep understanding of one's customers, but also the ability respond to customer needs by providing valuable information at every point along the customer journey. Technology can offer tremendous support to Marketing and Sales by providing the right data that can drive the right actions at the right time.

OneInsight brings the data richness of Marketo to any CRM or other third party system and places it at the fingertips of the business development and sales organization. It's actionable, transformational knowledge about the customer enables true marketing and sales alignment and unlocks the full potential of Marketo-driven lead management.

OneInsight is a dashboard that is displayed natively in a browser window or in an iframe within a CRM or other third-party system for business development and sales teams. It provides insight into the most valuable people to drive leads and opportunities by giving visibility to data such as best bets, milestone activities, email, web and form interactions as well as scoring changes.

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