Core Features

You are not sure how OneInsight can add value to your business? Here you find some of the core features that OneInsight offers to make life easier for you, your colleagues, and your business partners...

  • Best bets: OneInsight provides you with a ranking of those people that have already shown a high level of interest in your business, product, or service. Therefore, your sales team is on top of who to contact next. It is time to effectively manage your time and business resources!
  • Relative score: All information that is available concerning content interactions is collected in OneInsight. Therefore, sales reps are provided with valuable information before they call or email a person. They can closely examine a person’s details to see which emails they have opened and clicked, which specific web pages they have visited, the forms they have submitted, and how their score is calculated. This can help the sales organization customize their messages so that they perfectly meet every lead's individual interests.
  • Relative urgency: Leads are not only ranked according to the level of their interactions with your content, but you also learn whether those interactions have become more frequent over time. Consequently, those people need to be prioritized on your list of contacts.
  • Lead activity dashboard: A chart of all activities shows the number of interactions a person had within the last 30 days, or even prior to this time frame. Activities are organized into five groups — interesting moments, web, email, form, and scoring. All activities are updated every 30 minutes and cached on OneInsight’s servers to allow for a seamless transition and provide sales reps a better user experience.

  • Lead queue: OneInsight offers a simplified view of your company’s overarching lead lifecycle. Therefore, you are always aware of a lead's specific lifecycle stage. You can also give OneInsight users the possibility to perform actions for any stage, e.g. qualifying or disqualifying a marketing qualified person. Based on these actions, you can then trigger additional workflows in Marketo using smart campaigns. 
  • Custom queue: Similarly to the lead queue functionality, you can also create a custom list of people that is not lifecycle specific and even filter all people on that list. It’s typically used for telemarketing purposes to give telemarketing people a list of people who need to be contacted. Most generally, it makes it easy for your organization to pass on relevant lead information to an internal department or business unit, as well as external partners.
  • Different views and access options: Not all information might be interesting to everyone in your business or potential partners. Set up different permissions and filter criteria for each user, or let users only view those people that are assigned to them. This way, the information displayed in OneInsight can be used effectively without making the dashboard more complex than it needs to be. The administrator decides which persons and activities a user can access.
  • OneInsight via Browser Extension: You have a company in mind that you are planning on contacting? Find out which employee has already interacted with your website or content by downloading the OneInsight browser extension. Simply visit the company website of interest and open the browser extension that is being displayed as an icon next to your browser address bar. Employees that are known to the system will be listed by their relative score and urgency. You have a person’s email address in front of you and would like to know about their level of engagement with your brand? Right-click the email address, and get all the information via OneInsight.

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