Campaign overview and actions

The Campaigns section lists all the smart campaigns that have been added to OneInsight from Marketo. If you would like to add more smart campaigns, you can do this in the administration section -> "Campaigns".

The smart campaigns and their descriptions are displayed. When clicking on a campaign, a dialog opens up with all of the campaign details.

Use the “Add Person” button in the upper left corner to add one or multiple persons to the campaign. Depending on the type of campaign, you can customize the email to each person individually. 

Your sender information can be adjusted automatically through tokens that have been set up in Marketo. However, this needs to be specified within the OneInsight administration section.

Running a campaign in OneInsight always triggers a smart campaign workflow in Marketo giving you all of the possibilities that Marketo offers. This is especially useful as sales reps can add people to a campaign while working with personalized messages.

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