All: A broad Lead Overview

Lead Lists contain a number of leads that you might want to look at in more depth. Clicking on an individual lead brings you to the Lead Activity Dashboard, where valuable information with respect to past user activities is being revealed. 

In this view of the lead activity dashboard, a chart of all activities shows the number of interactions a person had within the last 30 days. The arrow on the left provides you with activity insights prior to this time frame. Here, every activity of the five groups — interesting moments, web, email, form, and scoring — is included. 

Every 30 minutes all activities are updated and cached on OneInsight’s servers to allow for a seamless transition.

By clicking on an individual activity, more detailed information of the action is being displayed.

Through the Lead Activity Dashboard, sales reps are provided with valuable information before they contact a person. This can help the sales organization customize their messages so that they perfectly meet every lead's individual interests.

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