Email Activities

By default, all emails that are sent from Marketo are tracked. This gives sales reps an overview of what material was already sent to the person and what content performed best (see Frequent Interactions). If the person opened or clicked on an email, that indicates a higher level of engagement for that topic.

Sales reps can also see a preview of every email that was sent out from Marketo.

The preview email functionality is unavailable if the email was deleted in Marketo or for A/B tests.

All these email activities are shown in OneInsight and include the following:

  • Email Opens: Email open tracking works with so-called tracking pixels, i.e. small, invisible images that are inserted into the email that is sent to individual people. If a person opens the email in an email client, this image is downloaded and Marketo is able to identify this action. Opening an email does not necessarily mean that the person looked at the email and might not always give reliable results. E.g. Outlook by default doesn’t download images from email thus preventing Marketo from tracking opens (as long as the person doesn’t allow downloading images from emails).
  • Email Clicks: By default, all links in Marketo emails are tracked. If a person clicks on one of these tracked links, this activity will show up in OneInsight. Clicking on the activity brings up additional details such as the browser, exact date, and link.
  • Delivery of emails: If an email was delivered, then the person should have received the email. In case Marketo is unable to successfully deliver the email, OneInsight shows a soft or a hard bounce.
  • Soft bounces: Soft bounces typically indicate a temporary delivery issue, e.g. due to a full email inbox.
  • Hard bounces: Hard Bounces usually refer to a permanent delivery issue, e.g. the email doesn’t exist, is invalid or was detected as spam.
  • Unsubscribes: Emails that are sent from Marketo include an unsubscribe link. Marketo will no longer send any non-operational emails to unsubscribed people as soon as the person unsubscribes.

Depending on the email activity, clicking on a particular entry allows you to view more details, such as: 

  • Preview Email
  • Link to the visited webpage or link that was clicked
  • Date of the activity
  • Information about the browser that the person used

The view can be changed from Latest Email Activities to Frequent Email Interactions by clicking the star displayed on the right. This way you know which email the person came back to repeatedly.

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